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Make your home safer with a spring cleaning checklist

by Advance Realty, Inc. 04/29/2024

How to make your home safer with a spring cleaning checklist  featured image

As spring approaches, you may be ready to whip the cleaning supplies out and dedicate a few hours to some detailed spring-cleaning. 

For many, one of the first things that comes to mind when preparing for the new season, is to clean out the gutters. Doing so can prevent leaks and other damages, however, there are a few other areas of the home to also pay close attention to as you tidy up. 

Remove lint from the dryer vents

Even with consistent cleaning of the lint trap in your dryer, the ducts running from the back of the machine and down under your home may continue to collect debris and lint. This is dangerous because over time, it can turn into a serious fire hazard. 

However, with a dryer lint brush and shop vacuum, you can clean out the line from your dryer vent and improve the safety of your home. 

Blow out your smoke detectors 

The sensors on your smoke detectors can become dull if pollen, dust and other debris build up over time, which is a huge safety hazard. 

The buildup may cause false alarms or stop the device from detecting smoke. To prevent this issue, set time about twice per year to clean out the dust and debris, blow out the case with compressed air and change the batteries. 

Clear window weep holes

At the bottom of your window frames are weep holes, allowing water to drip away from the seals. 

If this area becomes clogged with dirt and other particles, water could leak inside your house, possibly causing damage to the drywall and other building materials. This issue can be avoided by cleaning the weep holes with a small wire or by spraying them out with compressed air.

Each of the aforementioned tasks only take a few minutes to complete and provide lasting benefits through every season. With a little time and attention to detail, you can keep your home clean and safe.